Who Moved My Cheese?

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Yes I Can

Changing will make you happy

This week I re-read the small but insightful book called Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. I finished the 90-page, large letter formatted book in less than 1.5 hours, and you might be able to finish it faster.

So what is it about, and what makes is special? It’s about Change. And dealing with it, whether in your personal or professional environment. Change happens everywhere, always. Sometimes we initiate it ourselves, but most of the times it comes to us.  The book uses the story of two mice, Sniff and Scurry, and two Littlepeople, Hem and Haw, to explain to be more aware of change, to recognize it in an early stage and to anticipate it.

The book recognizes that embracing change is not always easy, and then explains that it will make you happier when you do. And it does that in a more playful and better way than I can describe here. You have to read it yourself. After I first read it about half year ago, I decided that it’s worth reading regularly.

I’m also fond of another way of looking at change: if you look at it from a distance or afterward, you will see that most changes are not that big or no real changes at all, changing with it is not that hard and not scary at all, and that almost all changes happen in an upward spiral. The latter also means that disadvantages of current change are most likely to disappear with future change, change you could initiate yourself.

If you want to buy the book, you can find it on Amazon (UK): Who Moved My Cheese: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life.