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10 years of blockchain

This year Bitcoin celebrates its 10th anniversary. With bitcoin a new technology came into existence: the blockchain. Blockchains offer a powerful mechanism to achieve secure transactions that cannot be falsified, and this mechanism doesn’t need a central authority to verify or police it. Maybe the easiest way is to compare a blockchain with a chain of domino blocks. Each block logically follows the previous block. Only the domino player that has a matching block can append it to the chain. All players keep an eye on the board and a player who tries to append a block that doesn’t fit the end of the chain will have to skip turn for cheating. In the case of blockchain a block does not include dots, but instead a list of recent transactions of cryptographic assets.

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The 24/7 company

Sometimes it’s like a shop without a shopkeeper. You get to a company’s website, you are seriously interested in their products or services, but would like to know more before you sign-up or draw your credit card. Or you bought something that you are not completely satisfied with and return to the shop (the site) to find out that there is nobody there to talk to. Most sites have a contact form to send a message, but that it like posting a letter in a mailbox when you are standing right next to the guy you want to talk to. More and more sites offer a chat function to have immediate interaction.

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