The value of a first experience

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A first experience should WOW!

A first experience should WOW you!

In the last few days I had my first experiences with Tiger Airways, a low budget airline operating from Singapore. And the experience was good. The ticket to Singapore was quite cheap, considering that we bought it one day before. The process of buying a ticket was not that excellent, but still OK. Like other cheap airlines they add extra cost for about everything that is optional: for bringing (any) luggage, for choosing a seat in advance and for an option to do online checking later. In the plane all catering is optional and therefore has a price. However, if there is anything annoying about buying cheap tickets, it’s the disappointment at the end of the process when they add the fuel and airport tax, which is always higher for cheaper airlines. Not with Tiger Airlines: They show prices including tax from the start, so no unpleasant surprises there.

The excellent experience came with the flights itself. On the way to Singapore, we were seated in row 6, just behind the rows you have to pay extra for. However, because the flight was not sold out, we could soon move to the front row, which has extra leg space. On the way back we were even seated in row 13, the emergency exit row. Which means more leg space. Which I appreciate A LOT. Altogether a very good first experience with Tiger Airways.

This made me think. If I were the chief marketing officer of any company, I would of course make sure to know my customers. That’s basic. Especially, I would then make sure to know my new customers. And since first experiences are the experiences that last, I would make sure the experience of my new customers are best taken care of: that they are delighted! I would make sure that on their first experience with our service or product, they receive some kind of special care in whatever way possible: a free upgrade to a larger room, a complimentary accessory for their new coffee maker, a personal call asking them if they’re satisfied with their new mobile phone, seats with extra legs pace, etc… The investment seems to be worth it: for my next flight I will first consider Tiger Airways.