Rotating Blogname

The plugin helps you to change and rotate the title of your blog dynamically. It will enable you to schedule regular changes to your blogname (either walking through a list or random and changing every time, hour, day, week or month), making your blog more dynamic, without the need to manually maintain the title every time.

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You can download the plugin from

3 Responses

  1. we used your plugins, rotating blogname and links shortcode at

    great job and be in good health always, ty for such plugins. 🙂

  2. Will this interfere with my site’s seo stuff such as the title search engines use,etc?

  3. Maarten says:

    Hi Knightly,
    I’m afraid this will not work well with some SEO plugins, which influence the title of your blog and posts as well. However, by rotating the blog name, you cause Google to re-index your blog more often, as it sees that a significant element (the title) changes frequently. However, I’m not a SEO expert, so don’t pin me on this.